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Pearl (b. Jul '93, d. Aug '06).         
These are a few of the projects I completed prior to 2010, listed chronologically. If you would like to make a comment or suggestion, please Contact me.

Projects completed prior to 2010 - (For projects completed during 2010, go back to the home page.)

Chip Carving Napkin Holder for Carole My third napkin holder was carved for my sister, Carole. I carved her name on one side, and a rosette on the opposite side.
Chip Carving Lap Desk Many chip carvers place their work on their laps while they carve. Since I have trouble leaning over for extended periods of time to see the small details, I made a lap desk to raise the work toward me. I placed openings in the top to catch the chips, and a ledge on each side to hold tools. My construction plans are presented here.
Most versions of "Greensleeves"/"What Child Is This?" arranged for banjo have an eighth-note bluegrass feeling. I was looking for a more traditional-sounding, peaceful version, but could not find one. What to do? Get out a pencil, some staff paper, and make my own. Print off this arrangement of Greensleeves and strum away. I hope that you like it!
Volt/Ohm meters are fairly common. But what if you need to measure an inductor or capacitor? M Cubed Electronix sells a quality Inductance-Capacitance-Resistance tester kit. It is extremely accurate, and lots of fun to put together.
Morse Code anyone? The Begali Sculpture Morse Code Key is extremely smooth, due to the use of magnets instead of springs. Woodn't you know, another wood project conveniently appears.
Tired of Sudoku? C++ Programming is a great way to keep your mind active and solve some calculations along the way.
Where's the Remote? This small woodworking project helps keep track of all those TV remotes.

The name John Oblak How the name has almost withstood the test of time.

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"Arrogance and self-awareness seldom go hand-in-hand" - stated in the film "Casino Royale"
Woodcarving This bird is a good beginner's project. I list a few books to get you started.
My Yamaha motorcycle remains a true friend With a little paint, some chrome polish, two new tires and a lot of hard work she is just as lovely as ever.
Chip Carving, Project 2 More intricate, but the smaller chips aren’t as noticeable on the floor.
Chip Carving A great way to add interest to wood items.
Modifications to Kawasaki motorcycle are completed (for now) Mustang seat, Mutazu DB trunk, tach, SAC grips, GPS
Cherry DVD Cabinet This 2008 Spring project provides storage for both 5" square envelopes and commercial DVD cases.

2008 Birch TV Stand A small TV stand with two adjustable shelves.

Portable Step Stool Three pieces of wood slip together to make a sturdy step stool.

Weathervane The 2007 weathervane stand. Now I can tell which way the wind is blowing. Sure wish I had one of these years ago.

Slanted Shelf A project from a 2007 wood shop class. The four-week project was completed in record time (six months).

Custom Router Table To continue the woodworking interests of my ancestors.

"In the Mood" - Drum Part A transcription of the drum part for this popular Glenn Miller tune. Transcribed from an August 1, 1939 recording. Great drumset practice material.
Another motorcycle? - How about a new means of transportation? (to save on gas, of course)
Granddaughter Marries - Why go through nine months of discomfort when you can add a family member by marriage?
Web Color Chart - a handy chart of web-safe colors
Writing Effectively for the Web - tips on how to write effectively for the web
“March of the Aliens” - a concert band march
The OSU Concert Band Reunion June 2002 - with conductors McGinnis, Kirchhoff and Mikkelson