Make this Attic Work Surface and you can work in the attic with more ease and safety.

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  This shows the bottom of the Attic Work Platform. The platform is 3/4" plywood. A board (or two boards in this case) to raise up the back side of the platform, and two small boards keep the platform in place across two attic truss boards.
  This is the top view of the platform. The work surface that you stand on is pretty good sized, and the 7 1/2" boards running at a 90 degree angle level the platform so you can work in comfort (except for the summer heat).

  The platform should span at least two truss boards. This is how the platform looks when placed on two 2x4s, simulating the platform in use on two angled attic truss boards. The platform normally sits at the low end of two truss boards, but you could clamp it to the truss boards if you need to work higher up.
  This shows the attic work platform in use. With a width of about 38 inches, and a depth of 17 inches, I had plenty of room to stand and work comfortably (except for the summer heat).


The platform surface is 3/4" plywood, wide enough to span across at least two truss boards. Hold the ply level on the rafters and measure the height needed at the low side to maintiain this position. I ended up using the width of 1x8s to hold the platform level.

  Two 17" long 1x3s screwed to the platform sit on the outside of the rafters and keep the platform in position on the rafters. I added a handle to make it easy to move the platform into position. I used 1 5/8" drywall screws to put the platform together.

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