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Eggstra, Eggstra...

Eggs courtesy of dear cockatiel
Pearl (b. Jul '93, d. Aug '06).         

When I was in junior high Robert Rimer was the orchestra director. He had been my aunt Alice's teacher when she played the violin at Collinwood. I inherited her violin. Mr Rimer took a job at the city school headquarters, and directed the Cleveland All-City Orchestra. I played first chair clarinet in this group for three years. This orchestra even played a concert in Severance Hall, the home of the Cleveland Orchestra.

During my three years in high school I took clarinet lessons from James Rettew, second clarinetist in the Cleveland Orchestra.

During the summer of 1956 I was fortunate to be invited to play clarinet in the Parkersburg, WV Big Red Band. After of a month of tough rehearsals, the band won the VFW national junior band contest in Dallas, TX. They had also won in 1955. To give you an idea of our attention to detail, we had our uniforms delivered directly to the Cotton Bowl by the dry cleaners. We changed into our uniforms in the rest rooms so that there were absolutely no wrinkles on our uniforms when we went on to the field for the marching contest.

In the summers of 1955 to 1957 I played clarinet in the All-Ohio Boys Band. In 1957 I became first chair clarinet, and Bob Gref, who played second chair in the All-City Orcherstra, became second chair.

At Ohio State University I was first chair in the Concert Band under Dr. Donald McGinnis for two years. Richard Stoltzman was two years behind me in school. After graduating from Ohio State I taught band, choir, and orchestra in public schools. Later I became a computer programmer for the Air Force at WPAFB, retiring in 2003.

Through the years I have played clarinet and violin in various local bands and orchestras. Now I have a number of hobbies, as you can see by the pages on this site. My musical experiences have been very rewarding, and I thank my music teachers for having been such good role models.

If you would like to contact me, you can send me an email.

Recent Projects - The following are some of the projects I have completed recently. If you would like to make a comment or suggestion, etc., feel free to send me an email .

(For projects completed prior to 2010, check out the prior-to-2010 page.)

Most recent project: Do you have the same problem I have trying to work in the attic while standing on those angled truss boards? Check out this Attic Work Platform.

Does your house have plain slant-back metal roof vents? Why not upgrade by adding some fans to these vents? Construction Details.

Holly loves the snow. But her love of "chewing stuff up" is still her main interest.
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By this third placemat (crocheted) and sixth dishcloth (knitted), I was getting the hang of it.
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Placemat Another crochet project. I heard that knitting and crochet can become addictive. Luckily, I don't have that problem. Did I miss lunch again?
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First crochet project - a Pot Holder The Harry Potter scarf got a little boring, so I took up crochet to overcome the boredom.
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A Harry Potter style scarf that copies the colors used in the first movie A knitting project that took more time than I expected. (20,020 stitches? You have to be kidding.)
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For some strange reason the lawnmower and bicycle didn't fit in the barn anymore. A barn addition provided more storage space. Construction Details.
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Doghouse Holly, our new German Shepherd puppy, needed a doghouse. We are resigned to the fact that she loves to chew on stuff (our stuff as well as her stuff).
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Second Knitting Project Moving on. A small hat knitted in the round.
First Knitting Project This is one corner of my first knitting project. The rest of the item has a few glitches in the stitches.